What is Inclusive Access and who can help me?

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is a program that provides integration of digital textbooks and homework platforms directly into courses through the learning management system at a reduced cost to students – with no access code or separate textbook purchase required. Students are initially charged a course fee with their tuition costs, which provides each student access to all course materials on Day 1 of class. With Inclusive Access, students could save up to $221 for their class materials, depending on the participating course. Working directly with the bookstore, students are able to opt out of the program and purchase course materials in a different format (if they prefer)*. 

What does this mean for me?

Integration of the course materials is handled by instructors, and students will not need to do anything additional to be prepared for class (unless choosing to opt out and purchase materials separately)**. Instructors will post additional information in the course shell and/or discuss during the first class session for how to access the text and homework platform. If Professors need additional assistance they will need to contact the Center for Excellence. 

*Students who choose to opt out will receive a refund for the course fee. If opting out of Inclusive Access, students will also forego the cost savings and will be responsible for purchasing the course materials separately. The refunded course fee will not be enough to purchase the same access when purchased separately.

 **If you are a military student, the decision on whether or not to opt-out of the Inclusive Access program may be impacted by your military status. Please contact your advisor as soon as possible to discuss which option is best for you.

The Northwood University Bookstore will contact you about opt-out options.


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