How do I add Northwood email to my Android?

NOTE:  Android devices vary from one another and the exact steps may slightly be different

  1. Open your app tray and click on Settings
  2. Locate and click on Accounts
  3. From here click on Accounts
  4. Then select Add Account
  5. Select the Email option
  6. Select Exchange or Corporate
  7. Enter your full email address (
  8. Enter your Northwood Password 
  9. Tap Manual Setup
  10. Update the Domain/Username field to reflect your full email address (/
  11. Input the appropriate Server information
  12. Click Next
  13. On the Remote security administration popup, tap Apply
  14. Choose which items you would like to synchronize and tap Next
  15. On the Phone Administrator screen select Activate
  16. Edit Account Name (optional)
  17. Select Done

Your email should now download. The first download can take several minutes. By default, only the last 3 days of data will sync.

NOTE: Some devices will automatically download a security profile and ask you to accept it. Please click on allow or install and your device should start to sync.

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