Adding a TechSmith Knowmia (a.k.a. Relay) Video to Bb Course

The TechSmith Knowmia (formerly named TechSmith Relay) tool is useful for creating videos and video quizzes within your course. Video quizzes will automatically add the students grade into the grade center. The instructions below will show you how to add a video to a content area, and how to change the settings so grades will automatically be added to the grade book.

  1. Navigate to your course
  2. Locate the content area (e.g. Week 1 folder) within your course where students will access the video
  3. Hover over the Build Content drop-down menu 
  4. Click TechSmith Knowmia
  5. Enter a name for your video
  • (Optional) If you want students to earn points for viewing the video (viewing analytics scoring), select the enable evaluation option to automatically create a grade center column
    • If you added a quiz to your video, the quiz response scores will override the student view analytics score (please note, it may take up to 30 minutes for the quiz score to display in the grade center)
  • If you selected the evaluation option, enter the total amount of points you want the grade center column to be worth
  • Enter a due date and time
  1. Set your date and time restrictions if needed
  2. Click Submit
  3. Now click on the name of the video link you just created
  4. Choose a video from your TechSmith Knowmia Library that you want to associate with this new link
  5. Click add media next to the video you wish to add
  6. Your video has now been added to the course


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