How do I add a new user to a current user's PGP?

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  1. Have the current user logon to their computer.
  2. Search for Symantec Encryption Desktop.
  3. Double-click and open the Symantec Encryption Desktop. The icon will look like a lock.
  4. Under PGP Disk, click once on the Encrypt Disk option.
  5. Under User Access, have the current user click to highlight their username.
  6. Click on the New Passphrase User option.
  7. Make sure Use Windows Password is bulleted and click next.
  8. Make sure Proceed with passphrase authentication only is bulleted and click next.
  9. Have the new user enter their username and password and click next.
  10. Have the current user enter their passphrase (login password) and click OK.


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