I recently changed my Mitel voicemail passcode and I'm getting a NuPoint Account Settings pop-up.

If you recently changed your Mitel mailbox passcode, you will need to update the Account Settings box that will automatically appear. Enter your credentials to ensure that you will continue receiving voicemails into your Outlook email inbox by following the directions below.

  1. In the NuPoint Server field, enter micollab.northwood.edu
  2. In the Mailbox field, enter your Mitel phone extension (Help Desk example: 74421)
  3. In the Passcode field, enter your updated Mitel voice mailbox passcode
  4. Click Test connection. If the passcode is correct a green checkmark will appear.
  5. Click OK

If you do not get a green checkmark and continue receiving a red X please contact the IT Help Desk and request a Mitel passcode reset.

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