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Below are common questions students often have regarding technology here at Northwood University. 


We highly recommend a newer name-brand computer, with a web camera, as your main computing tool which will be essential for individual study and group collaboration.

Determining what type of laptop best suits each student, however, depends on his or her major and personal preferences. Please keep in mind that a computer is a tool and students should purchase the computer that they will be most comfortable using on a daily basis. In general a suitable computer purchase should include a speedy CPU, plenty of memory, a high capacity hard drive, Wi-Fi capability (802.11g/n), a web camera, comfortable screen size and have Microsoft Office installed.

You will also want your computer to provide you service throughout your years at Northwood University, so carefully consider important options such as extended warranties such as accidental damage protection and an extended battery warranty.

Below you will find the MINIMUM and RECOMMENDED computer specifications for computing at Northwood University. These specifications should be used as guidance when making decisions on bringing a compuiter to NU.

MINIMUM specifications are for those who are choosing not to buy a new computer and want to bring an existing one to NU.

RECOMMENDED specifications are for those who are choosing to purchase a new computer and need guidance on which specifications to go with. As a rule of thumb, if you are buying a new computer, most, if not all, specifications will be fine. However, these guidelines will provide you with a good starting point.

CHROMEBOOKS are becoming more popular with their low prices, however we do not recommend purchasing these for your Northwood courses.

Computer Specifications for Computing at Northwood University​​
Operating System​​​​​
Windows 10/11 Home or Pro macOS 11 or higher
Productivity Tools
Microsoft Office 365 can be downloaded for FREE,
please visit
Processor Type
MINIMUM: Intel i5 10th Gen Processor
RECOMMENDED: Intel i7 10th Gen Processor or better
(Quad core or greater is preferred for higher video streaming quality)
MINIMUM: 8 GB RAM or higher
Hard Drive
*Do not purchase a 128 GB HD*

RECOMMENDED: 500 GB or higher
Graphics Card
MINIMUM: 512 MB Video Memory or higher
4 year parts and labor
(on-site strongly recommended)
3 year parts and labor
AppleCare Support
Comprehensive breakage, theft, liquid, spill, hazard
(strongly recommended)
Virus Protection Software
Recommended (see below)
Web Camera
One of the below options required

Native Internal Webcam built in to comptuer


External Cameras recommendations:
Logitech C920, C930e, etc.
Microsoft LifeCam Series
Headset and Microphone
Click Here to view our recommended list
Recommended Accessories
USB Memory Storage Devices: Strongly recommended for their ease of use and ability to encrypt contents in case of lost or stolen property.

Ethernet cable: These are required for wired connections in dorm rooms on campus.

Northwood University does not endorse one manufacturer over the other. The choice of what computer you should purchase is entirely up to the student. Below is a list of some retailers that offer educational discounts -- these hardware vendors and many others offer new laptop and desktop computers that are suitable for use at Northwood University.

These web stores allow for online ordering at a discounted price for home use personal computers. Purchases through these programs are transactions between the vendor and the individual ordering the computer. Northwood University plays no role in the purchase, warranty, or ongoing support of the computer or associated equipment.

Note to Faculty and Staff: This program should be used for purchasing devices for personal use only. All Northwood University related computer purchases must go through the IT Help Desk.

As long as your computer is running a recent version of Windows or MacOS and has a web camera you will not need to purchase a new device. Please be sure to install the latest version of Microsoft Office on your device.

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