How to Create a Microsoft Bookings page to manage appointments

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for small businesses who provide services to customers on an appointment basis. Examples of businesses include hair salons, dental offices, and auto shops, however, faculty can also use Bookings to manage appointments with students. We have access to Bookings from our Microsoft 365 accounts. View this video for a demonstration on getting started with Bookings (1:52) or follow the steps below.

Get started with Bookings

  1. Open a web browser window and go to and sign in with your Northwood email and password.
  2. Select Bookings from the list of apps. If you do not see Bookings listed, click the All apps arrow for a full listing, then select Bookings.
  3. When the Bookings site opens, choose Get it now.
    • If you see a window that says "Choose a calendar" you will select the Add a booking calendar option
  4. Enter your name in the Business name box and press Continue (leave Business type empty).
  5. Your Bookings app will open and you can update the following sections by selecting them in the left side panel--demonstration video for customizing your Bookings page (6:46):
    • The Business Information page allows you to enter your office address, phone number, and email. This is also where you'll set the hours that you want students to book appointments during (use the plus button next to the day of the week to add additional time slots on one day).
    • The Services page allows you to add or manage the services that "customers" choose when booking an appointment with you.
    • Finally, on the Booking Page, you'll find many settings like your scheduling policy and email notifications. This is where you'll use the Save and publish button to launch your live Booking site so students can see it. Use the Open published page button to preview the final site.


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