What is Inclusive Access and who can help me?

Inclusive Access integrates digital textbooks and homework platforms into courses at a reduced cost, with no access codes or separate purchases needed. Students are charged a course fee with their tuition, providing access to all materials from Day 1. This program can save students up to $221, depending on the course. 

  • Students can opt out and choose different formats, receiving a refund for the course fee. However, opting out means losing the cost savings and needing to purchase materials separately.
  • The Northwood University Bookstore will provide opt-out options. For questions, contact the bookstore at bookstore@northwood.edu.

Course materials are managed by instructors and the Center for Excellence (CFE). Students don't need to take extra steps unless they choose to buy materials independently. Instructors will provide details in the course shell or during the first class on how to access texts and platforms. For questions, contact your professor and include the CFE at cfe@northwood.edu.

  • Military students should contact their advisor to discuss whether to opt out of the Inclusive Access program based on their status.


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