Submitting Final Grades and Completing the F & I Form

Step One-Preparing to submit final grades:

1. Go into your Blackboard course.

2. Go into Control Panel > Grade Center > Full Grade Center.

Special Note: In order for the grades to submit properly you can only have one Weighted Total column and one Total Column. Even if you are not using weighted grades or vice versa you still have to have ONLY one column of each.

3. If you have duplicate columns, delete the duplicates. If you have hidden the duplicate columns, go into Manage > Column Organization to delete the hidden duplicates. If you do not have duplicate columns, go to step two submitting final grades.

Step Two-Submitting Final Grades and Absences:

1. Go into Control Panel > Course Tools > Final Gradebook Submission. [Demonstration video of grade submission process]

2. Click on Submit Final Grades and Absences.

3. Use the drop-down menu to select the final grade based on the Northwood University Grading Scale.

Special Note: When course attendance is recorded using the course attendance tool, attendance will be populated automatically. Having the attendance is important if you are giving an “I” [incomplete] or an “F” [failing], as the final date of attendance is required.

4. Click on Select All.

Special Note: Failure to click on Select All will result in your final grades not being submitted.

5. Click on Submit only after clicking on Select All.

Step Three-Verifying Final Grade Submission:

1. Go into Control Panel > Course Tools > Final Gradebook Submission.

2. Click on View Final Grades and Absences.

3. Verify grades have been submitted.

Completing an “F” and “I” Form

You need to complete the "F & I" form for each student that has a final grade of “F” or “I”

1. Go into your Bb course.

2. Click on Course Tools.

3. Click on F and I Form, this will open the form in a new window.

4. Complete the form.

Special Note: You will need the student’s ID# which can be located on your Photo Roster (Course tools > Photo Roster)


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