How do I obtain an Unofficial Transcript?

An unofficial transcript is a comprehensive record of your academic progress, including transfer courses, credit earned by exam, and earned degrees.  However, unofficial transcripts do not contain the Registrar’s signature or University seal and cannot be released to a third party. Students with financial holds are unable to request an unofficial transcript.

Two ways to request an unofficial transcript

  1. Unofficial transcripts are available online to current students and alumni with an active account. To access the online unofficial transcript:
    1. Login to
    2. Click the WebAdvisor tab
    3. Click the Students menu
    4. Click the Access Student Self-Service link
    5. Click the Acadmics menu (graduation cap icon on the left side vertical menu)
    6. Click the Unofficial Transcript link
    7. Click the transcript you wish to view
  2. Northwood University has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide online ordering Northwood transcripts effective January 17, 2017. Electronic transcripts ordered through the NSC are typically sent to a recipient within in an hour, though it could take up to 48 hours if your record requires manual processing (for those who attended Northwood prior to 1988). To request an unofficial transcript using this method:

    1. Visit the NSC website at
    2. Simply enter your own email address in the recipient section and a transcript will be sent directly to you that can be used for unofficial purposes


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