Which video conferencing tool do I use?

Northwood Supported Video Conferencing Tool Feature Matrix

  Feature Kaltura Classroom MS Teams
# of Attendees 100 250
# of Attendess on Screen Changes depending on attendee number 49
Recording x X
Auto Recording - -
Requires a streaming site like YouTube - -
Chat x X
Screen Sharing x X
Requires an Encoder - -
Q&A x -
Virtual Background blur X
Breakout Rooms x X
Share Live Video with Audio x X
Annotation x X
Whiteboard  x X
Save Chat History x X
Closed Captioning x X
Private Meetings when locked X
Scheduling - X
Branded x X
Waiting Room - X
Polling x -
Lock Meeting x -
Raise Hand x X
Stream to Outside Streaming Services - X
Multiple Events at Same Time x X
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