Which video conferencing tool do I use?

Northwood Supported Video Conferencing Tool Feature Matrix

  Feature BlueJeans BlueJeans Events MS Teams MS Stream StreamYard
# of Attendees 100 200 250 10,000 Unlimited
# of Attendess on Screen 25 Depends on # of Presenters 49 Depends on # of Presenters 8
Recording X X X X X
Auto Recording X X - - X
Requires a streaming site like YouTube - - - - X
Chat X X X X X
Screen Sharing X X X X X
Requires an Encoder - - - X -
Q&A - X - - -
Virtual Background X - X X With Green Screen
Breakout Rooms X - - - -
Share Live Video with Audio X Requires Upload X X X
Annotation X - X X -
Whiteboard - X X -
Save Chat History Must be Saved Manually X X X -
Closed Captioning - X X X -
Private Meetings X X X X -
Scheduling X X X X X
Branded X X X X X
Waiting Room - X X X -
Polling - X - - -
Lock Meeting X - - - -
Raise Hand X X X - -
Stream to Outside Streaming Services X X X X X
Multiple Events at Same Time X License Dependent X X -

Primary use for general class meetings or gatherings where two-way face to face communication is desired.  These meetings can be up to 100 people.  This platform is for faculty/staff to initiate meetings.  Meeting scheduling requires an account, however attending a meeting will not require an account.

Feature set:

  • 25 people on screen at a time
  • Raise hand feature to ask to speak
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Meeting highlights
  • General and direct chat
  • Moderator Mute controls
  • Moderator Recording Controls (can be set to auto record)
  • Content/Screen share
  • Screen share locking
  • Meeting Locking
  • Share videos from the web or computer
  • Breakout sessions
  • Annotation
  • Whiteboard
  • Chat Emojis
  • Save meeting chat
  • Closed Caption
  • Scheduling from O365

For more detail on these features and to learn how to use BlueJeans:

Primary use presenters too many attendees without the need for face to face communication but the ability to ask questions via a Q&A button.  Also offers private only events for internal meetings.

Feature Set:

  • 200 Attendees with current license but can exceed if event needs it.
  • Three levels of interaction.
    • Moderator (can control everything.)
    • Presenter (Can be seen, heard, share content and answer questions.)
    • Attendee (watch only, can ask questions with Q&A button and ask to be a speaker.)
  • Video and computer screen sharing. (videos must be uploaded in advance.)
  • Polling (Setup by presenters or moderators, seen by all.)
  • Q&A (Attendees to ask and moderators and presenters to answer.)
  • Chat (everyone, but separate chat for moderators and direct chat options.)
  • Screen Sharing. (Presenters and Moderators)
  • Video Sharing. (Presenters and Moderators)
  • Raise hand to speak. (Attendees)
  • Post event survey.
  • Custom welcome message and goodbye message.
  • Custom branding on interface.
  • Stream to Facebook Live and YouTube.
  • Lobby for presenters and moderators before event starts and after the event is done
  • Post event items presenters can get from admin.
    • Email addresses of attendees as a CSV.
    • Record of the chat window as a text file.
    • Record of the Q&A as a text file.

For more information and tutorials see link:

Primary use very similar to Bluejeans when face to face interaction is desired.  This can be 1 to 1 or many to many.  This would be the preferred platform for student collaboration.  All members of the Northwood community have access to Teams and can attend and set meetings as it are part of our Microsoft 365 license.

Feature Set:

  • Share Screen
  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • File Sharing
  • Together mode, everyone sits in a shared background
  • Chat (kept after meeting concludes)
  • Recording
  • Live Caption
  • Raise your Hand
  • Participant list download
  • Large gallery mode up to 49 people on screen.
  • Pin people's video
  • Lobby waiting room for attendees

For more information on Teams:

Video Conferencing specific support:

Similar to BlueJeans Events a one to many communication tool, but requires at least one person to set up an encoder to work with stream.


  • Private webinars, broadcasts
  • Up to 15 simultaneous events
  • All the features of Teams
  • Speech to Text and Closed Captions after event
  • Transcript and timecodes let you search for moments
  • Many ways to stream
  • Video on demand after event

Is designed to be a livestream tool used to interact with many using Facebook, YouTube and other streaming video services, done only from your web browser used more for marketing or webinars not a meeting tool.


  • Up to 10 people live on screen
  • Stream to multiple applications like YouTube, Facebook and more
  • Live titling
  • Branded
  • Screen Sharing

More information on StreamYard see link below,


Zoom, WebEx, Go to Meeting, Facebook, FaceTime, Google

*Employees can however attend meetings and events on these platforms and others set up by outside organizations.


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