How do I get Spectrum cable television or the SpectrumU TV App?

Northwood University and Spectrum offer two ways for the campus community to watch cable television.  Traditional coaxial connected cable and streaming using the SpectrumU app. Both services are provided at no additional cost.

All student rooms are equipped with an active Spectrum cable port. To access all of the cable channels on-campus, please reprogram your TV. This is general information; see your TV’s manual for specific instructions.

  1. Connect the TV to the cable port on the wall
  2. Turn on the TV and locate the original TV remote *Universal remotes often cannot perform this next function
  3. Go to setup or settings or menu
  4. Go to channels and change to cable (versus antenna or air)
  5. Select auto program or autotune or auto memorize

This scan can take several minutes and will go up to about 12 and will finish when complete. Your TV should now have all Charter/Spectrum channels.  Follow the instructions that come with your television or search online for your make and model for a tutorial or user guide.

Still Need Help?

If you are using an older, non-cable-ready TV that only receives channels 2-13, you will have to acquire a converter box from the Housing Office in the Church Building to use as your tuner, if you wish to see the other channels. After you've paid your deposit to acquire a converter box you will need to connect the converter box to the wall outlet with one length of coaxial cable and then connect the box to your television with an HDMI cable or another coaxial cable.  (If you use the HDMI cable you will get high definition picture quality versus coaxial will only give you standard definition.)

Is your cable jack or wall connection broken?

Please submit a Physical Plant electrical request for your cable jack or wall connection issue so a technician can repair.

SpectrumU lets you watch live TV anytime, anywhere on campus when using your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or Roku® device. SpectrumU acts as a complement to our existing standard co-axial provided cable to deliver streaming service to members of the Northwood community while on-campus and connected to the northwood WiFi.

Download the app today!

No account or login required — just search for SpectrumU in app stores, search for Spectrum TV in the Roku® Channel Store or go to

SpectrumU Logo

Additionally, the Northwood community can stream live TV content using an Internet Browser and visiting: 

  • Flash is required and based on browser settings you may need to allow

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