How do I register my devices to the Northwood network?

All devices MUST be registered (other than gaming consoles plugged into an active green port) in order to have Internet connectivity.

  1. Turn OFF MAC randomization/private addresses to avoid “re-registration” issues
  2. Connect to the northwood wireless network
  3. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc) and try to visit a webpage
  4. Choose the link Register a Computer | Tablet | Cell Phone
  5. Enter your Northwood username and password
  6. Click Register My Device
  7. When the countdown is complete Close the Web Browser, and try to visit a web page, the page should now load

Smart TVs

Amazon Echo Devices

Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PS4,Nintendo)

Nest Cam, Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max

Google Home and Google Stadia

Google Chromecast

Google does not allow their Google Home, Nest or Chromecast devices to connect to WPA-2 Enterprise or unsecured networks like the northwood wireless network. Until Google changes their architecture these products are NOT supported at Northwood University. Click Here to provide feedback to Google with a tweet or direct message.
  1. First, connect your supported device (shown above) to the northwood WiFi
  2. Go to a computer or mobile device that has already been successfully registered to the NU network
  3. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc)
  4. Choose the link Register a Gaming Console | Smart TV | Entertainment Device only
  5. Enter your Northwood username, password and the (wireless) MAC Address of the device as indicated on the registration page
  6. Choose the device type from the dropdown
  7. Click Register
  8. Your device will be able to connect to the Northwood network 5 minutes after successfully registering
  1. Connect your device to the one active green-labeled Ethernet port in your dorm
    • If it's a gaming console, it will automatically get moved to our gaming network
    • If it's a gaming PC, it will need to be manually registered by a member of IT, please submit a service request
    • If it's a laptop PC or another device, you'll need to register it after plugging it into the green active port by using the same instructions as the "How do I register my Computer/Tablet/Cell Phone to the network? (WiFi)" instructions above
  2. Your device should connect within 5-10 minutes and you should have Internet connectivity. Please be patient and do not unplug your device. If you are unable to get out to the Internet, please submit a service request
Submit IT Request


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