How do I register my devices to the Northwood network?

How do I register my Computer/Tablet/Cell Phone to the network?

  1. Connect to the northwood wireless network
  2. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) and try to visit a webpage
  3. Review the policy and click Agree
  4. Choose the link Register a Computer | Tablet | Cell Phone
  5. Click Register My Device
  6. When the countdown is complete Close the Web Browser, and try to visit a web page, the page should now load
 If you are still redirected to the Acceptable Use page, try disconnecting from the network and reconnecting or rebooting the device.

How do I register my Game Console/Smart TV/Entertainment Device to the network?

  1. Connect your entertainment device to the northwood network
    • Wireless (WiFi) Connection - Skip to step 2
    • Wired (Ethernet) Connection - All dorm ethernet ports are inactive upon move-in. Please submit a service request to use the port
  2. Go to a computer or mobile device that has already been successfully registered to the NU network
  3. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)
  4. Choose the link Register a Gaming Console | Smart TV | Entertainment Device only
  5. Enter the applicable (wireless or wired) MAC Address of the device as indicated on the registration page
  6. Choose the device type from the dropdown
  7. Click Register
  8. Your device will be able to connect to the Northwood network 5 minutes after successfully registering
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