I keep receiving a "PGP Enter Passphrase for Key" pop-up on my machine. How do I fix it?

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Resetting PGP Keys

  1. Press the Windows key () on your keyboard (lower left of the keyboard between Ctrl and Alt)
  2. In the Search field type in Symantec Encryption Desktop
  3. Click on the Symantec Encryption Desktop that populates under the Program(s) section
  4. Select the Tools menu
  5. Choose Options...
  6. Select the Advanced tab
  7. Choose Reset Key…
  8. Click Yes to the Symantec Alert, “Are you sure you want to reset your key?”
  9. Click Next
  10. Choose Finish on the PGP Key Generation Wizard.
  11. Then click OK
  12. Exit out of the Symantec Encryption Desktop application

PGP Passphrase


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