Software Support

Administrative Programs (NU Staff)

Administrative Program services provide installation, management, and support for databases required by various software and vendor packages used throughout the University.

Administrative Programs includes programs such as Colleague, Perceptive Content (ImageNow), NXT (Raisers Edge), Civitas, Adobe, WebAdvisor, Self-Service, Odyssey/cbord (ID Card Software) Kaltura, Zoom, and Self-Service. When you experience issues such as the inability to login, change in access, or access errors you can submit an IT request. Access will only be given if approved by a supervisor or module leaders for certain programs.

Academic Programs (Students and Faculty)

Faculty, staff and students may install Minitab, Minitab Express, JMP, Adobe, Kaltura and/or Office 365 by following the directions found in our Knowledge Base. While Northwood IT aims to assist and support all user's requests, we cannot provide a high level of support for all software and programs used on campus or in the classroom. Technical services offers installation support for the academic programs mentioned, however if you run into any application errors or need help using the program we recommend contacting the software company's dedicated customer support for a trained technician.

Requesting Assistance

If you have reviewed the related articles and cannot find a solution to your issue in our Knowledge Base, please click on the Submit IT Request button for additional assistance. After you have completed the request form, a ticket confirmation message will be sent to your Northwood email account. Your ticket will be placed in an IT queue where it will shortly be assigned a technician who will work with you to resolve your request.

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