Email, Calendar and Share Drive Support

Email (Outlook/Webmail)

Northwood University provides an official university email account as part of the account given to all staff, faculty, students and for alumni. Official university correspondence is sent through email and all users will need to access this email account on a regular and timely basis in order to stay current with university related communications.

All Northwood email addresses follow the format of <username> Microsoft Exchange (Faculty & Staff) and Office 365 (Students) cloud-based email systems provides users with access to email, communication and collaboration services that may be accessed by mobile, desktop, and web-based applications. 

Share Drive

Share drives are a secure way to store and share content such as word-processing documents, scanned and photographic images, audio, video, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases within a department or other areas.

Important files containing "sensitive" data should NEVER be stored on a personal or NU-owned computer in case the computer's hard drive crashes or is stolen.  All files stored on a share drive are backed-up nightly to a University-owned secure server.

Requesting Assistance

If you have reviewed the related articles and cannot find a solution to your issue in our Knowledge Base, please click on the Submit IT Request button for additional assistance. After you have completed the request form, a ticket confirmation message will be sent to your Northwood email account. Your ticket will be placed in an IT queue where it will shortly be assigned a technician who will work with you to resolve your request.