Phones and Voicemail

Mitel Campus Phones

Northwood University a campus-wide Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone system designed by Mitel Communications that is served by the computer network on campus. Most phones are delivered to your desk already enabled with your desk extension, voice mail and other features enabled. Telephone numbers for office extensions are assigned by the Information Technology Department.

Each classroom on the campus of Northwood University is equipped with a telephone. These phones are capable of reaching the security department by simply dialing x74373.

Northwood-owned Cell Phones

Request assistance with your Northwood-owned cell phone including adding international data plans, personal hotspot/MiFi, issues with dropped phone calls or email sync issues.

Code Blue Emergency Phones (Blue Light Phones)

Code Blue phones are emergency phones placed throughout campus. These phones offer a one-touch connection to campus security. Upon activation, campus security is notified and an officer dispatched to the location. There are unique numbers associated with each phone that allow security to locate the caller in the event the caller cannot verbalize their location. In addition, the Code Blue Phone has an oscillating blue light on top of the pedestal that lights up upon activation.

Courtesy Phones (Red Phones)

Courtesy Phones In addition to the Code Blue Phones, there are courtesy phones in each Northwood University on-campus building. These phones are capable of making local phone calls. These phones are also capable of reaching the security department by dialing x74373. Instructional signs have been placed near each phone.

Requesting Assistance

If you have reviewed the related articles and cannot find a solution to your issue in our Knowledge Base, please click on the Submit IT Request button for additional assistance. After you have completed the request form, a ticket confirmation message will be sent to your Northwood email account. Your ticket will be placed in a queue and be assigned to a skilled technician who will begin working on your request.

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