Popular Services

• Request assistance with something not found in our service catalog

• Assistance with Microsoft Office 365, Edge, Chrome, etc
• Assistance with administrative programs (Colleague, Perceptive Content, NXT, Civitas, Self-Service, Cbord, Zoom)
• Assistance with student programs (Office 365, Minitab, JMP, Kaltura, Self-Service)

• Assistance with Northwood computers, monitors, printers, TVs
• Request to have office technology moved from one location to another

• Request assistance with a my.northwood.edu, Blackboard course, Grade Center, Northwood NOW, Turnitin, Kaltura MediaSpace, WebAdvisor, and/or Library Resources

• Report WiFi or wired (ethernet) network issues
• Request an ethernet port activation on campus or in a dorm
• Assistance with VPN Access or Blocked Websites

• Assistance with Mitel phones including display name changes
• Request Voicemail assistance including VM Passcode Resets
• Report an issue with an emergency phone, fax, or NU-owned cell phone
• Request international data plan or MiFi/Hotspot on NU-owned cell phone

• Report Suspicious Email
• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Issues
• Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Issues

• Assistance with a course software or publisher integrations like NetTutor, Insight, SNAP, WileyPlus, SIMnet, Pearson, etc

• Request assistance with public website issues
• Report broken links, page errors, accessibility issues, etc.

• Reset your password 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by answering your security questions

• Request assistance with Outlook or Office 365 Web App
• Request to create a shared drive, mailbox or calendar
• Request data recovery from a share drive

• Request assistance with your Northwood credentials, security/verification methods or if you cannot log into a NU owned computer, Blackboard, Perceptive Content, or WebMail

• Register your device to be used on the Northwood network

Submit an IT project request.

• Request assistance with creating or modifying web forms (forms.northwood.edu, nusites.northwood.edu, start.northwood.edu)

Assistance with request spaces and/or resources for a video teleconference event.

• Request a username change if you have changed your legal name and have updated your records with the university or if your name was misspelled

Concept through completion event technology planning and coordination, AV equipment and technical support for meetings from 6 to 6000 people.

• Request the closure of your Northwood University Account

Information Technology requires all faculty and staff complete the General Core Cyber Security training module.