My Recently Visited Services

Assistance with request spaces and/or resources for a video teleconference event.

• Assistance with Microsoft Office 365, Edge, Chrome, etc
• Assistance with administrative programs (Colleague, Perceptive Content, NXT, Civitas, Self-Service, Cbord, Zoom)
• Assistance with student programs (Office 365, Minitab, JMP, Kaltura, Self-Service)

• Request the closure of your Northwood University Account

• Request assistance with something not found in our service catalog

• Assistance with a course software or publisher integrations like NetTutor, Insight, SNAP, WileyPlus, SIMnet, Pearson, etc

• Report Suspicious Email
• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Issues
• Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Issues

• Assistance with Northwood computers, monitors, printers, TVs
• Request to have office technology moved from one location to another

• Request a username change if you have changed your legal name and have updated your records with the university or if your name was misspelled

Submit an IT project request.

• Request assistance with public website issues
• Report broken links, page errors, accessibility issues, etc.

• Request assistance with a, Blackboard course, Grade Center, Northwood NOW, Turnitin, Kaltura MediaSpace, WebAdvisor, and/or Library Resources

Concept through completion event technology planning and coordination, AV equipment and technical support for meetings from 6 to 6000 people.

• Assistance with Mitel phones including display name changes
• Request Voicemail assistance including VM Passcode Resets
• Report an issue with an emergency phone, fax, or NU-owned cell phone
• Request international data plan or MiFi/Hotspot on NU-owned cell phone

• Request assistance with creating or modifying web forms (,,

• Report WiFi or wired (ethernet) network issues
• Request an ethernet port activation on campus or in a dorm
• Assistance with VPN Access or Blocked Websites

• Register your device to be used on the Northwood network

• Request assistance with your Northwood credentials, security/verification methods or if you cannot log into a NU owned computer, Blackboard, Perceptive Content, or WebMail

• Request assistance with Outlook or Office 365 Web App
• Request to create a shared drive, mailbox or calendar
• Request data recovery from a share drive

• Reset your password 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by answering your security questions

Information Technology requires all faculty and staff complete the General Core Cyber Security training module.